Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Family Emergency Preparedness

I've been hearing a lot of radio commercials about being prepare for emergency situations. This really makes me think about my family situation. We get so complacent because here, Lincoln Nebraska, stuff rarely happens. Tornados miss us, an occasion snow/ice storm, heat wave, nothing catastrophic *knocks on wood*. 

This makes me think of how complacency can effect my personal family and really everyone around me. I don't want myself, or my family to be caught off guard. Catastrophes can happen quick and without warning so we need to be ready. Now, to be prepare for everything just isn't obtainable, but to have the necessitates to help get through it can be. 

Preparation can even go so far as to make meeting place arrangements because emergencies aren't going to happen when everyone is concise entry together. Kid will be at school and parents will be at work, the furthest away everyone can be from each other. When disaster strikes where does everyone want to be? Together! Where will everyone most likely start? On all different corners if the city. 

Saying you'll put something together later us jut as helpful as making giant plans and not following through. Baby steps, remember something is always better then nothing. My family lives in an apartment so we can't have a basement of necessities. What we can do is have a closet and some travel bags ready to go. Having items I'm a car is always a good idea too, there's a very good chance you could be in your car when something hits. 

There are a lot if really good sites to help you and your family build a kit.

Remember, you'll be super mad when a disaster hits and your not ready .

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