Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 – Blog November 2012

Ah day 2. Yep, that’s about it.  The morning isn’t giving too much to write about; but if I keep pecking at this keyboard I’m sure more writing will spew out. So if its days two and I already have this much to say; I’m going blow this challenge again. Can you read the sarcasm in that last sentence? I sure slathered it in there. From the rules, well more of a guideline for the blog for November, I didn’t read that each blog had to be so many words.  I would like to do a good paragraph or two to get in the writing mode before I start onto my Nano for the day.  –An hour later– So a really close friend of mine was awesome and read all my blogs and stated she liked the story about Nora and wanted to read more about her.  I did that as a character background for a roll playing game.  It is an interesting story and I enjoyed writing it. Maybe I take another swing at it and just keep going with it.  I love hearing when someone has enjoyed my story. I want the feeling I get when I watch or read something and really enjoy the characters and get involved in the story to where if someone dies my heart hurts or I even cry.  Those are the types of stories I want to be able to portray and feelings I want out of people. If I write something so dramatic that they want to throw my book because they are so emotional about what they just read; I’d be very happy.  I want intense emotions, yes I know writing isn’t 100% intense at all times but if it builds up to something that makes a reaction out of the reader; then I did what I set out to do.  I know that if I ever finish something and actually get the part of publishing it I will put something in my author biography or just a note to the reader that I want to hear about their emotions during their read.  We shall see if I get to that stage of it all. I really hope I do.

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