Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why so many bad dreams?

So apparently last night I was to have one bad dream after another.  I can’t remember all of them but I know I had a few of them before I woke up the first time.  As I try to remember the dreams they slowly fade away so here’s my attempt to try and remember what I can before they are gone.

I was standing in the middle of a roof on a tall building watching a very specific storm cloud.  I knew I had seen this cloud in another dream of mine. It looked so familiar; I thought it was very odd that it was back. I noticed that there were giant letters affixed to the edge of the roof, though I never looked close enough to figure out what it spelled.  A wild party was going on all around me and on the street below.  I didn’t care about this party as I was fixated on why this cloud was in this dream.  As I sit writing this out I don’t ever remember this cloud being in another dream; but in this dream I clearly remember seeing it before.  Suddenly a helicopter with people hanging and partying off of every inch inside and out (I didn’t see propellers of any kind attached to the helicopter) slammed into the letters on the roof and bodies went everywhere. I was suddenly next to the helicopter looking at the pinned bodies and leaning over the edge to watch the helicopter fall onto the ground crushing more people on the street below. There was so much gore all around me and people scream down below.  I woke up.

I went to the bathroom and as I stumbled back to bed all I could think was that I really hoped that I wouldn’t have any more.  Well that sure didn’t help.

I was in an open walled restaurant with booths laid out in a half rectangle shape towards a park across the street.  I was there with my and see what I would do.  They all seemed to know my extreme phobia of snakes and thought it was funny.  As soon as he let the snake go into this booth area I can remember the feeling of extreme fear wash down me. I jumped up onto the top of the back of one of the booths to try and get some distance from the ground as I could see it slithering my direction.  It wasn’t looking at me but I didn’t care, it was in my general area and I could see it.  I could hear laughter from all my friends that stood outside the area watching how I was reacting to this creature.  Next thing I knew it had sprung into the air and was slithering through the air at me, I grabbed at some decorative shelving that was above my head and pulled down on it as hard as I could. It slammed into the snake just as it got close and sent it backwards. My dream cuts out; I am suddenly on the other side of the area, again standing on the top of a booth as the snake seemed to be closing in on me again, not phased by the recent shelving until being smashed into it.  I pulled off another piece of shelving off the wall and just start smashing it not the ground over and over again. My dream fades out again. I’m breathing deeply with the shelf in my hands as I look and see the snake on the ground near one of the doorways out of this area and a small kid, no more than 5 years old walks up and picks the limp snake up by his head with a finger in its mouth as it was a play toy.  My gut just sinks; I want to get out of there. I didn’t care that my husband was there with these people I wanted to go.  But of course I couldn’t find my keys.  They were in my jacket that I had placed at the other side of the area.  I carefully walk over on the tops of the booths watching every inch of the floor I can to make sure there weren’t any other surprises from the snake; jump down and run out of there searching for my keys.  I woke up.

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