Wednesday, October 31, 2012

“To Blog” or “To NanoWrimo” that is the question…

I really want to gain the achievement (Yes, this is a WoW nerd reference) of completing the 50,000 words in November and I know I have the story to do it.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the discipline to do this…yet.  Starting small and completing smaller challenges to work my way up will be the best way to achieve this goal. Do I like that? No, of course I don’t.  I want to do the giant challenge and do it now! Immediate gratification is what being an American is all about. One would think that being an adult that adult decisions would be made automatically, boy I wish that were the case. Whether that’s the right attitude or not it’s a hard one to keep in check.  Yes, we can all work hard and persevere but the attitude of wanting it all and wanting it now it so overwhelming that I to fall into that pit.  This attitude of wanting to put something of mine out there for people to review, talk about, and talk to me about is so overwhelming. I just continually have to tell myself that I have to DO the work, writing, whatever before I can get to that step in the process.  Knowing how to publish won’t do me any good if I can’t sit down and write something.  So back to my original question because I love going down different tangents; maybe the blog a day in November would be a good start for me.  Yes I have my story that I started, oh man it’s been over a year ago, and it needs more work.  I think it will be big enough that I’ll be working on it forever.  At least with blogging I can write down how I feel, my thoughts for new projects I won’t ever get to, or anything I want to spew out there to the world.

I should make up my mind today since it is October 31, 2012, but I can always push it off till tomorrow knowing that I need to have something written by the time I go to bed.  It will either be 2,000 words for Nano or a blog.  If I go the blog route I should work on some of my flash fiction, heck I mean start doing some flash fiction to get some story writing in and completing my blog.  If I go the Nano route that will be one step closer to getting my book(s) written out.

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