Saturday, April 5, 2014

Average...You're welcome!

I feel I'm an average annie...oh wait that rhymes so that doesn't work...average female here. So many things out there that just make me realize that I would LOVE to be special but if we are all special then how is anyone truly special.  Yes, I know this reminds me of mutants and if we are all mutants then being human would make you special. We have to have the average folks to assist in making those special people...special.

For example, how can we have the zombie apocalypse if there aren't normal folks being turned so that the random survivors could make the difference.  I've always felt that I will be one of those zombies in the horde.  Sure it would be interesting to survive, but some of the things I'd have to go through TO thank you.  Yeah it's cool in the movies but they don't always talk about the every day things that you'd have to deal with. Yes, I understand that it's the movies but when there are folks out there who like to take it to the extreme...well if you can't find tampons for a lady how does one handle that situation? 

I want to be passionate or that person who spent all that doing that cool thing, where everyone loves it and everyone knows about it.  As I sit here looking out my window I think of an artist I watch and how he shared his first drawing of a female (which was horrible by his standards) and how he had to really practice at getting it right. Now if you were to draw lizards, fantasy type kobolds, how many hours of just sitting to get that just right would you have to do.  You want to be a 'master' at what you want to do but you have to have the discipline to get there.

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