Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My 1st follower, across the pond, my breakfast, and story time!

So I promised to make this post interesting and about my breakfast!

Bagel's & Joe danish and a small carmel fufu drink...BAM there it is!

Exciting huh? No, not even close. So, to make it exciting I'll share how the ghost of the raccoon I ran over last night. *epic movie music with thunder crashing*

The clouds were low as the fog floated up to meet in a loving embrace. There was no love in the car racing down the road. Escape, she must move faster. Her breakfast won't wait and it must be eaten before...

The fog rose up into the road as if something moving from the edge carried it with. It was back. It had never truly left, trying to get closer. 

Her turn, thank god! Tires peeling out as she barley slowed for the turn. Almost there.

Glancing to her side the fog was almost to the door handle of the car. It wasn't being affected by the speed of the car. It continued to engulf the car.

The lights of the establishment pecked over the hill, her breakfast was quickly approaching. Safety! 

The fog was now nearly over the window sill. She'll have to thrust open the door and hope that is enough of an opening.

Squealing into the parking lot to a dead stop the car and go, go, go!

The fog whisked around the quickly opened door. Don't look back, go, go go!

Bells violently clang as she flings the door open.

"Caramel latte and a Danish for here please.  It's crazy weather out there. Thank you."

Grabbing her breakfast she took a seat by the window. Hopefully she could watch to make sure that fog was gone. 

It was gone. Not only gone but the morning showed that there had been no fog. The sun was coming up and she could see for blocks, clearly. 

Her heart skipped a beat, was she going crazy? The coffee was delicious and relaxing. Finishing the danish she slowly exited to her car. She still didn't trust what was going on around her.

Fumbling for her keys she just wanted into her car, it's safe in there. Then it came. It surrounded quickly and quietly. The keys hit the ground as the sound was muffled as if miles away. She pushed her hands forward hoping to feel the car. There was nothing. Tiny step forward, still nothing. A larger step this time. She could hear some approaching from the right. Relief, she was still in the parking lot.

Bright lights suddenly came upon her. The sound abruptly stopped. 

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