Sunday, September 22, 2013

GM(Gaming Master)/DM (Dungeon Master) Discussion Group - Facebook

So my husband started a GM (Gaming Master or DM/Dungeon Master) FB page to help DM’s out and discussion. I’m excited to have the discussion between so many GM’s and I get to be included in it. Here’s what my introduction has to say:

“I guess the wife better get her stuff posted here too! J Okay, so I haven’t played as long as Thomas nor did I really know the existence of DnD or those types games until I met him.  I knew MMO’s and video games so this was a new realm for me.  The only reason I took up DM/GM’ing was because I wanted Thomas to enjoying playing instead of always running a game.  My first game had its highlights (only after it was over), but mostly I learned that things I thought players would get because they were simple were made excruciatingly hard.  Things I thought would be super hard were completed in a blink of an eye.  Oh, and Thomas got upset super easy with all my riddles….I thought they were brilliant to make the player actually think.  Well needless to say the story fell apart and I stopped for a bit thinking I had done something terribly wrong and that I just plan sucked. Luckily, later Thomas informed me he actually enjoyed it as he hadn’t played like that before. So with a few ego strokes from the hubby, I tried again. With each game I learned more. I would planned way too much I would get informed that I wasn’t giving the players the ability to decide their own fates. So I’d open the floor to let them do what they wanted and give themselves direction, that ended with begin informed that players need some direction. I had to get the porridge just right.  All good critiques really and knowing who the players were makes a big difference.  Okay, I think I’ve deviated from what the original reason for this post is, which is introduction.  Ekk, let me get back on track. As I stated above I have only DM/GM’ed for a few years. My main inspiration is Thomas, but I’ve played under Craig, Chris and Steph Rathburn, James Blanchard, and heard never ending stories of the epic quests in Kearney under John.

Right now I’m running a Scion game and a DnD game when time permits. I enjoy telling stories and making players really think about how their character would react to a situation, not themselves.  I know for me as a player that is really hard…Thomas can attest to that! J

If you’re a GM/DM and wish to be a part of this discussion group please contact me through email at and I’ll let the administrator the page know.

Happy GM/DM’ing!! 

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