Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Review by: A Non Book Reviewer

So, I just finished the first published book “Double Dead” by Chuck Wendig, on my Kindle. The first book of my "reading project that I hope to actually finish." I’m not a big reader (I know, I know, I’m a horrible person) and I really want to change that.  I will admit that I consistently follow his blog ( and his Twitter account. I figured he’d be a good place to start.  I enjoy his banters enough to keep coming back for more! Whether it’s his awkward staring at your soul or loud slurping of earl grey tea, it makes me have to come back again and again and well…again. On to the actual book review, of which I have absolutely no credentials to write, here we go.
I loved it!!! The relationships between Coburn (vampire whose kind of an asshat *ponders that statement* okay is an asshat) and all the humans he plays with…I mean deals with. There were a few “oh shit, no way” moments, which I loved and pulled at the heart strings of this reader.
There we go…right?
Oh there needs to be more substance? Okay.  *goes and reviews reviewer comments* Wow, those are small, basic, and to the point!
I’m sticking with this, good day Sir.

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