Sunday, May 5, 2013

What I wish to tell you….

When I’m not sad, depressed, pissed off, or just down right crappy I don’t blog; at least not my feelings.  I’ll post other things, old writings and such for whoever finds this page and take a moment to read it.  I appreciate the random folks who do read my page.  I know it’s not a lot; I know I’m not the best writer; I know…I know…I know….

I’ve actually been in fairly decent to great mood. When there’s no internal drama I don’t seem to have anything in depth to rank/share with folks.

I’ve starting writing again and hopefully I’ll post some stuff on here when it’s done. Some of it won’t as they are intended for other destinations. But what I do have here I hope everyone enjoys reading.

I started a DnD (3.5 Edition) game called “Half Pint Happy Hour.” I made it up randomly on the spot like any good GM and the name stuck.  I’ll be posting updates on that game as it goes along.  We’ve had our first session and as soon as it’s written up it will be at your viewing pleasure. I hope the postings to come on our adventures are entertaining.

Here's to another great/busy week!

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