Monday, July 16, 2012

My zombie sonnet - I posted on the LZF facebook page.

 Zombies of Lincoln come be united.
Overrun, they are crawling their way here.
Maze of abandoned roads, not inviting.
Brains is the call that makes you wish for gear.

Intensity of the change is scarey.
Exhausted you must try to save it all.
Fighting off loved ones is necessary.
Escape is like being against all walls.

Silence finally we rest, what was that?
Tap it twice, never ending writhing fear.
Ecstatic is one who finds a safe flat.
Haunting sounds that always bring you to tears.

Help me shrieks forth as you feel warmth, you bleed.
No more pain, only a great need to feed.

A sonnet by:
-Ilia Minary

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