Monday, July 16, 2012

Another day in the life of...

I haven't been keeping to up to date with this blog; but here's some more insight to me. I seem to have escaped that elephant that was stalking me. I feel good about that. I'm not back to my normal excitable self but things must eventually balance out. Since I used to be excited about everything, all the time it’s apparently time to feel the lull that I wasn't feeling then. I'm okay with that. I've just pushed through each day and really enjoyed my time with my husband. He has been incredibly supportive of my moods of late. I’ve also started working towards a certification for medical transcriptionist.  I love typing and I’ve done transcription and dictation before and I like it.  Hopefully I’ll have it done by Christmas and I’ll be able to get either part-time or full-time to pay off this course and maybe evening be a stay at home mom.  But that’s a hard dream to catch.  We shall see, I’m not my normal excitable self about this so that could be a good thing.  Whenever I get over excited about something I lose my attention span on it quick.  I’ll just keep plugging away and see how far I get. 

I’m still pissed that it’s open book for ALL quizzes so my first one I get a 95% because I didn’t pay enough attention.  There should be no reason to not get 100%.  Now, I did get 100% on my second quiz and just sent in my third as you can’t submit it online for an instant grade.  I like the instant grade system. Oh well, we shall see how I did hopefully tomorrow. Chug, chug, chug away. 

I’ve enjoyed my time away from Cub Scouts but the school year is about to restart so back into the oven!  I’ll have some help with a boy scout that used to be a cub scout in this pack and my hubby has offered to increase his assistance.  I’ve happy about all of that.

I would like to continue to find time to write as I would like to publish something in my lifetime.  I have the ideas; it’s the time that escapes me.  Outlines are great…but you have to write them after you have them organized.

I also feel bad that because of these courses, scouts, and continuing my writing I’m not spending as much time with my son as I should. I suggested a game night on Friday’s and I think that will be implemented.  That’s exciting, so we shall see.

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