Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome! I’ve started this blog to…well…to share me and my random daily, weekly, monthly thoughts about me, you, and everything.  I’ve hit kind of a slump lately and I can’t seem to figure it out. I’m hoping that doing a little writing here and there will help me push on.  Someone may read this or no one may ever find this.  Either way I’m hoping to stick with it more than one day.  Day one starts now, we shall see what the world will throw my way before tomorrow's writing gets here.  I’ve been writing in a notebook at work when I start to feel the elephant on my head just sitting there staring through my soul like I should know why he’s there.  Alas, I do not so I try to right down how I feeling and what I’m feeling about to appease this massive mental weight so I can move on with my day.  And this folks is what you’ll be ready about.  I may put in other things like my strange dreams I have every once in a while or thoughts for writing. I hope this helps me do more writing as well because I’m working on a story per-say and I would like to continue with it.  So we shall see how things progress from day to whatever tomorrow brings.

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